Intuitive Nature

by Susan Jane

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We are all naturally Intuitive, it is part of human Nature.

It is our



Intuitive Business Architecture 

After spending 10 years on her 90 acre organic crop farm and several more in her Natural Therapies Clinic, Susan followed her passion studying first as a Life Coach before university and business management .

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Intuitive Nature

  • Flower Reading Course
  • Presenting to Womens' Groups
  • Intuitive Business Architecture


Hi my name is Susan Jane and I want to personal welcome you to Intuitive Nature which is all about developing, trusting and utilising your intuition using practical tools and sound advice.

I refer to myself as the INtuitist because I know that our physical and spiritual bodies communicate using emotions. After all emotions are energy in motion and this type of energy can relate to both our physical and spiritual requirements.

This energy exchange is called our intuition and it comes to us in various ways but the strongest form is through the use of emotions to steer us one way or another. As we develop the skill of allowing the emotions to flow through us we strengthen our ways of receiving other types of intuitive information.



Susan Jane is a qualified Trainer

With everything she does there must be an element of learning or teaching. Wherever it may be either on-line, at a speaking engagement or through her books and the written word, her passion is in the learning.

How to do Flower Readings - Coming soon

Awakening your Intuition - Coming soon.


Susan Jane is the INtuitist.

The mentalist concentrates on thoughts and thinking regarding human behaviour, whereas the INtuitist concentrates  on emotions and feelings for human behaviour.

To find how to make concise decisions about your future by developing, trusting and utilising your INtuition.