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Intuitive Flowers: Empowering your goals



Intuitive Nature is about developing, trusting and utilising your intuition so you can make clear, concise decisions with confidence. There are several ways to achieve this and below are some of the tools you can use.

Intuitive Vibes

What is your Aura and Chakras saying that you can't see.

Intuitive Undies

Intuitive Undies is based on our emotions and how we handled other peoples emotions.It took a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship to  end before I realised that I was taking on and reacting to other people's emotions much to my detriment. If emotions were like underpants would you still take on someones?


Intuitive Nature

by Susan Jane


Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery is being developed to look at the effects of Emotional Abuse and how we can clear the past situations in our minds and progress with positive new thought patterns.

After experiencing a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship I discovered what I could do in order to grow away from those experiences and start again fresh. Leaving a relationship may fix the symptoms but it does not always fix the problem. Unless we make the personal, emotional and mental changes in our own mindset we will continue to respond in the same negative way.

 Getting through an emotionally abusive relationship means coming to terms with you.

Susan Jane

Susan Jane - SPeaker

Susan Jane has been studying a variety of metaphysical aspects for over thirty years. She naturally and openly guides people from all walks of life with their emotional and spiritual growth, by encouraging them to develop their own personal empowerment.

Intuitive Business

Intuitive Business was created because of the people who asked me about writing, publishing and marketing their books.

Getting in touch with our gut allows us to do things we may not normally do but know we are doing it for the right reasons. Intuitive Business also includes all speaking events, workshops and other personal appearances.

Intuitive flowers

Intuitive Flowers helps you achieve your goals using a practical, step by step method which not only develops your intuition, it empowers you to trust it, so that it can be utilised effectively. Take the next step, empower your goals by using beautiful, heart provoking, intuitive flower images.

Intuitive Trees

A great way to break the ice at a Hen's Party.


MC - Mother of ceremonies for events

Master Of Ceremonies has a different meaning at Intuitive Nature because we like to add our intuition to it which is why we refer to it as the:

Mother of Ceremonies.

Give your wedding that extra nurturing touch by having a mother figure direct the ceremony. It gives it a unique experience filled with love and a women's touch.

Using funny stories that come from the bride and groom and their respective family and friends brings together a wedding celebration that incorporates as many of the guests as you permit. Instead of a boring list of speeches the guests interact with the wedding party.

Intuitive Nature