Intuitive Nature

by Susan Jane

 ‘I believe in intuitions and inspirations ...
I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I
Albert Einstein

Intuitive Nature

Susan Jane - The INtuitist

Intuitive Nature is about developing, trusting and utilising your intuition so you can make clear, concise decisions with confidence. There are practical tools and sound advice that you can follow to help you awakening your Intuition but more importantly there are some really fun ways to do it as well. Developing your Intuition does not have to be hard, in fact it should be fun and exciting and here at Intuitive Nature we will show you some of those ways.

Emotional Mastery

Intuition is often considered a special gift. It is that inner voice that enables us to come to a conclusion instantaneously without realising why. We can all relate to the phrases, ‘It’s a gut feeling,’ ‘I had this hunch’ or ‘I feel it in my bones’ being used to describe how you feel about making a decision or doing something which you can’t explain. There have been many times when I have been asked, ‘How do you know?’ and I can only reply with ‘I don’t know how I know; I just know’. Some say it's instinct, a foreknowledge, or a prior awareness and others just say, ‘It came out of nowhere’. The list of names or explanations about intuition varies, but the results are all the same; intuition is a deep-seated knowing.

One of the main areas we need to look at regarding developing your intuition is reflecting on your life and how you behaved in certain events you experienced. Reflection is a huge aspect of developing, trusting and utilising your intuition. Read more about this under the drop down tab called Intuition.

Master Of Ceremonies has a different meaning at Intuitive Nature because we like to add our intuition to it which is why we refer to it as the: Mother of Ceremonies.

Give your wedding that extra nurturing touch by having a mother figure direct the ceremony. It will give you that unique experience filled with love and a women's touch.

Using funny stories that come from the bride and groom and their respective family and friends brings together a wedding celebration that incorporates as many of the guests as you permit. Instead of a boring list of speeches the guests interact with the wedding party.

Susan Jane has been studying a variety of metaphysical aspects for over thirty years. She naturally and openly guides people from all walks of life with their emotional and spiritual growth, by encouraging them to develop their own personal empowerment.

Emotional Mastery is being developed to look at the effects of Emotional Abuse and how we can clear the past situations in our minds and progress with positive new thought patterns.
After experiencing a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship I discovered what I could do in order to grow away from those experiences and start again fresh. Leaving a relationship may fix the symptoms but it does not always fix the problem. Unless we make the personal, emotional and mental changes in our own mindset we will continue to respond in the same negative way. Getting through an emotionally abusive relationship means coming to terms with who you really are.

MC - Mother of ceremonies