Be the Master Builder of your business so you have full control over what is being created, how to construct the plans and what is being built that you want to live with.

Intuitive Business Architecture is one-on-one mentoring and coaching to ensure you create the business you really want. The biggest problem in starting your own business is actually starting in a manner that suits your situation and yet having the room to grow to suit changing situations.

My biggests issue about my business was getting out of my head what it was that I wanted and getting it down on paper in a logical easy to follow format. Once I had that in place I could change it and grow or develop it in a different way. The choices became mine, I was my own Master Builder and I had the ability to change things as the business grew.

We start with the Design.

The design of your business must be in line to what you can do NOW with the option of spending more time on it or learning new skills as you go along. The design stage is all about getting out what is in your head and brain storming the options you have or could look at. It is about putting all the structures in place ready to build

Then comes the Plan

The plan is all about how you are going to create your Master Business and the systems that will need to go in place in order to achieve it. It is breaking down the design a little further and joining up the spaces in between giving you the perfect plan for you and again the room to move or change as you go along. Flexibility being the key to all systems.

Finally the Build can take place.

The build is often the easy part for some and the hardest for others. It is all about your products and what you have to sell. This is where you discover how to productise your service to attract the right target audience. Or how you can change your product just slightly to attract the correct audience for you.

Intuitive Business Architecture first came about for women in corporate roles who had lots of skills and experience but were not sure where they could take them. Doing this type of business building allowed them to slowly wean into their own business why being supported through their normal work channels. Alternately it is great for ladies who are just fighting their way out of all the dirty nappies routine and wanting to slowly step back into grown ups world.

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Intuitive Business Architecture

Intuitive Business Architecture

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